12th RNPA Learning Intensive

January 8th - May 11th, 2018

Online Education Component


May 21st - May  27th, 2018

Residential Immersion Component


 Earn $75-$500/hr as a Patient Advocate

  Follow Your Passion in Nursing

  Use Your Clinical Experience


  Post-Course Support

Patient Advocate Career Exploration (PACE) Membership Enrollment in the iRNPA Learning Intensive includes a FREE one year PACE membership through The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA). Founded in 2009, APHA is the largest and most extensive support organization for private, independent patient advocates. The goal of the Alliance is to help private, independent advocates start and grow successful practices, to help them maximize their reach, and therefore maximize patient success.

  Career Versatility

Work in a variety of practice settings. Apply your independent practice to contexts ranging from advocating for patients in acute and chronic health care settings to personal and corporate health wellness coaching to community and nonprofit sectors.

Choose from different practice models. A graduate can work solo in their own independent iRNPA practice, or choose to form or join an existing group practice with other iRNPA graduates. A group practice can also be comprised of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with complementary skills. You can read more about the evolving iRNPA Group Practice Models below.

Develop and enhance your current career as an alternative to starting an independent practice.  

Corporate Wellness Program

iRNPAs receive discounted tuition for the Corporate Wellness Program created by Karen Dimarco, RN, iRNPA. More information coming soon!

  National Network of RN Patient Advocates

The National Network provides an online platform for professional iRNPAs to share knowledge, experience, and practice support, as well as marketing material for iRNPA services, referrals by region for inquiries received through RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, and a growing list of benefits.

 Learn More About the Leading Nationwide RN Patient Advocate Certificate Program

 RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, was incorporated in 2002 as a creative, professional nursing response to the failing medical system.  Our Mission is to Advocate, Educate and Guide You Through the Healthcare System. Qualified, experienced clinical RNs must pass a rigorous interview program and then complete a 5-month Learning Intensive done in collaboration with the University of Arizona College of Nursing in order to become independent RN Patient Advocates (iRNPAs).  There are now iRNPAs in 23+ states.  We all provide our many services through the RN Patient Advocate Process which was created over 7 years of practice.  In addition to our partnership with the UofA College of Nursing, we are also an endorsed program of the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Visit our Website for more info:

RN Patient

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